Autistic today, Genius tomorrow.

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We provide for individuals with autism, the opportunity to learn,socialize,grow and have fun. Our mission is to give differently abledchildren, the ability to unlock their potential. Our centre is providing integrative child – centered multi-disciplinarytherapies for skill building and also treatments for neuro developmental disorders. We are assessing the child across a number of domains, meet them where they are at and build from there!

We are teaching a variety of adaptive skills such as vocational competences, social interactions and motor abilities. As there is no cure for autism, our treatments and therapies aims to reduce the symptoms and enhance quality of life. Our treatment approaches are typically holistic and focus on managing symptoms through various medical disciplines. Intervention techniques are determined by the interdisciplinary Autism team in our centre based on the needs of the child and family.


We have paediatric medical consultation specialized for  neuro developmental disorders and learning disabilities, speech and language therapy for improving speech, communication, learning and quality of life,occupational therapy to support child to overcome the effects of the decreased functioning caused by the disorder to make them independent in their daily life ,social skills training,sensory integration therapy, picture exchange communication system, assistive technology, psychological treatment, special learning support, play therapy and physiotherapy.

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